Friday, August 17, 2012


Galveston Tantrums

I really felt these photos needed their own title. This is one of the thousands of tantrums that Henry threw while in Galveston. He's such a sweet little guy and these tantrums were really out of the ordinary for him. I'm thinking it was being a little too excited about the vacation and not getting as much sleep as he's used to that led to the break downs. When he would get mad, he would throw himself on the floor and lay there until we went and picked him up. We attempted the whole, "Ok, see you later Henry, Bye-Bye, etc and he would still just lay there on the floor. This was in the hall of the hotel. 



The Hotel Galvez
 First Dinner out



DVD Time

More Beach


Pool Snack Break

The Aquarium, Henry and Luke


Luke-Eating the best piece of bread known to man.



We had such a great time in Galveston. The boys liked the beach ok, but they absolutely loved the hotel, eating at restaurants for every meal and the whole experience of a "vacation." I know it will be the first of many fun trips together. Mark and I were both amazed and so relieved at how well the boys did eating out, especially at our nice hotel. Henry even made a new friend at the hotel restaurant during breakfast. The waitress brought out individual small smoothies for us all and Henry drank all of them. The waitress seemed to love this and said, "Baby want more smoothie?" It was pretty cute. Mark thought the waitress was talking to him until I clarified she was asking if Henry wanted another smoothie.  Luke just said the other day, "go back to hotel."

Saturday, August 11, 2012



Happy Birthday, GrandMommy!



August's Occupational Therapist, Erica, moved to Austin recently and saw August for the last time a few weeks ago. We were so incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing person in our home each week. She'll be one of the first people I call when August takes his first steps.


Another Break In

August has figured out how to open the beer fridge.

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