Thursday, November 1, 2012



I had talked to the boys about what we were going to do for Halloween, going trick or treating and to a Halloween party. Henry insisted he was not interested in going to either. While getting the boys dressed in their firemen suits, Henry also informed us that he was off duty and would not be wearing his suit tonight. So, we had two handsome fireman and one handsome off duty man. Luke and Henry loved bobbing for apples. They were never able to pick up an apple with their mouths so instead would pick up an apple with their hands, take a bite out of it and then throw it back in the water. August enjoyed the pumpkins, stacking them, lining them up, knocking the cans over. They all seemed to really like trick or treating and it was a really fun night. 



Luke and Henry are practicing their aim.


Happy 3rd Birthday

We had planned to go to Glenrose to the dinosaur park for the boys' third birthday. Unfortunately, everyone ended up being sick and we had to cancel our plans. We'll plan that trip another time. These guys sure are growing up fast and are so much fun. They're saying the cutest things and I am trying to cherish every day with them.




Feets of Strength


Quality Time

Luke's naps tend to last b/t one hour to one and one half hours. August and Henry can sleep three plus hours. Therefore, Luke and I get to spend some real quality time together. He loved cleaning out the pumpkin seeds and also loved doing a little yard work. This guy is a hard worker.


Still Cute

August at mealtime.


Luke and Mark AKA Dad


Perrin, TX

 When you visit the country, things can get pretty rough. For instance, August had to be belted into his chair for meals. You don't want to see how Luke and Henry were made to stay in their chairs.

Pops and Luke on the tractor.

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