Friday, June 28, 2013



Watching the cats, kittens, Sammy, Cimmaron and the cows.


Another Garage Sale Convert

Henry found this sweet dog at the first garage sale we went to. He's now hooked.


Is this Heaven?

August at the Arboretum. Best day ever for a boy who loves flowers, plants and flower pots.


Popsicles with Aunt Leslie

Thursday, June 27, 2013


The Canutes

Such wonderful friends.


Looking so grown up



August's New Friend


Four days later and these carrots were still in Luke's mouth.



August AKA Kerry Von Erich.


Deep Thoughts

Luke, Grandmommy and Henry.
I'm pretty sure I overheard Luke say, "didn't the water used to come up to here?"


Good Times

Henry got his haircut, finally. Wow, it was a really good time for all involved.



Luke is a very precise eater and loves sweets. This was a plate of waffles he was grazing on the other day. He ate two waffles while standing there. 


Summer Time


Monday, June 3, 2013


Help....Our Sweet Henry Is Missing

Has anyone seen our sweet Henry? He's been missing for weeks now. In sweet Henry's place is a moody child who says, "No" when asked any simple question. Whether we're saying, "it's time to brush our teeth" or "it's time to have dinner" or "it's time to eat a bowl of candy" this new child, who has taken our sweet Henry's place,
defies every single thing we say. It is now 9:09 pm and Henry is at least quiet in his room, but for how long?

Henry, "I don't want my dog. I want my dog. I don't want my dog. I want my dog."

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