Sunday, January 31, 2010


A higher degree of difficulty

From Ashley's perspective, Henry is on the right and Luke on the left.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


A not so great picture of Luke, but one where he finally doesn't have that stinking Sipap on.

Luke getting his nightly weight taken. I think his clenched fist is a good indicator that this is his week.



Bath Night

The boys all got a bath last night. Luke really seemed to like his. He seems a little shocked in this picture, but he soon laid back and relaxed. After the bath he just laid in his little bed watching Henry get his bath. He kept pointing his finger and laughing at Henry. I'm not really sure what was so funny though.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010



I bought Moses baskets for the boys to sleep in before they move to their big boy beds. I mistakenly set this basket on the floor, for about two seconds, and look what happened.



Henry's Burp


The Big Weigh In

August is 6 pounds 4 oz and 19 inches long.
Luke is 5 pounds 9 oz and 19 1/2 inches long.
Henry is 5 pounds 15 oz and 18 1/4 inches long.

Recent happenings include August being stepped down to a low flow canula as opposed to the high flow one he was on. August is continuing to take a bottle a day and will hopefully be increased to two bottles sometime this week. The boys have to take 8 bottles per day before they can come home. Luke is still on Sipap and is coming down on his oxygen needs. The plan is for him to stay on Sipap until later next week and then step down to a high flow canula with a boost of steroids. Hopefully, the extra time on Sipap will help his little lungs get that much stronger and help him to continue to put the weight on. Luke is taking a bottle per day. He's not taking a full bottle, but he's giving it all he's got. Luke's got a corpak tube (feeding tube that goes to his intestine) that goes in his mouth and it makes it hard for him to get a good seal on the bottle. The Sipap is also not doing him any favors!! Henry continues on his two bottles per day. One word for Henry is sloppy. He sometimes forgets or lacks the coordination he needs to take the bottle. He can go to town on a pacifier, but the bottle throws him off a bit. He's getting there though.

Picture of Henry responding to being called sloppy.


Monday, January 18, 2010


The Big Weigh In

August weighs 5 pounds 6 oz and is 18 1/2 inches long.
Luke weighs 5 pounds .2 oz and is 19 1/2 inches long.
Henry weighs 5 pounds 2 oz and is 18 inches long.

August lost an ounce this week. He didn't get fed last week beginning Monday night through Friday afternoon due to his surgery at Children's. He was on fluids, but no steaks and potatoes. Luke is making up for lost time. Henry is slow and steady.
Valerie and Sara giving the guys oxygen between photo shoots.

August, Luke and Henry

By the way, all the pictures of the boys when they're together were taken by a couple of the boys primary nurses, Valerie and Sara. They surprised us with the pictures for Christmas. They also took the sweet pictures of the boys with the red and white hats on. It was quite an undertaking getting the guys all together for the pictures. The nurses had to manage giving them oxygen between pictures. Have we mentioned how much we love the boys nurses?


Sunday, January 17, 2010


The Big Move

It's official. The boys are now residents of South Hall at Baylor NICU. They all became official residents on Thursday, January 14th. Henry had already moved over on the 13th. South Hall is a step down from the unit they had been on called North Hall. South Hall will continue to monitor their breathing, oxygen needs, etc but is a less acute unit. We'll be a lot more active in their care now that they're on South Hall. For example, we can give the baths to the boys as well as help feed. August took his first bottle Friday night and took a whopping 24 ml's. Not to be out done, Luke took his first bottle today. Luke's still on Sipap and typically a baby has to be on a canula to start taking a bottle. Luke's going to need to be on Sipap for a while longer and it was time for him to at least try and take a bottle. He took to the bottle like Mark takes to beer. We were blown away by his skills.
The boys room in NICU North Hall.
August sleeping. Yes, this is actually a picture of August sleeping. He likes to keep one eye open at all times while sleeping to ensure he doesn't miss a thing.
Luke on his Sipap breathing machine.




Baby Holding

Mark and Henry

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


August, Luke and Henry

August got his shunt at Children's Hospital on 1/12 and is scheduled to return to Baylor on 1/14.
Luke is testing out the canula 4 hours at a time, two times per day. He's loving it and ready to get off sipap.
Henry has officially moved to South Hall. He moved this morning and decided to keep showing off by taking 54 ml's of milk from a bottle. He had one brady, 3 burps and a full belly.

They're getting there, they're really getting there.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


What a piece of work is a man

August is 5 pounds 7 oz and 18 1/4 inches long.
Luke is 4 pounds 10 oz (!) and 17 3/4 inches long.
Henry is 4 pounds 15 oz (!) and 17 1/4 inches (!) long.

It was a banner week for weight gain for two of the boys. Henry decided to add an inch for good measure.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Whole Mess of Carseat

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The Big Weigh In

August is 5 pounds 5 oz and 18 1/2 inches long.
Luke is 3 pounds 14.5 oz and 17 3/4 inches long.
Henry is 4 pounds 3.5 oz and 16 1/4 inches long.

August, AKA Pipes, is obviously putting his calories to good use. Luke, AKA Bones, is on a medication to help his lungs. The medication has caused him to lose a little water weight. The good thing is that Luke's O2 needs are way down with this medication and he's on his way to getting put on the canula. So, we were disappointed a little by his weight loss, but are not too concerned about it because his lungs are looking really good. Henry, AKA Chubs, is still looking good and is as feisty as ever.

Everyone keeps wanting to know when these guys are coming home. The answer is, we don't know. My due date was Feb. 3rd and we had hoped to have the boys home around that time. They've all got to be able to suck, swallow and breathe. Henry got to enjoy his first bottle on Monday. He took about 5 ml's and did great. Henry has the worst reflux and right now is on a feeding tube that goes straight to his intestine to bypass the stomach. We were surprised when he took the bottle so easily and had no projectile vomiting or brady's. He'll keep getting a bottle daily and his intake will be increased. Henry loves his pacifier and definitely has the sucking part down. When he initially took the bottle he really went after it and then realized something was coming out and got a confused look on his face and stopped sucking. He would tentatively suck some more and then stop. When he was given the pacifier after the bottle you could tell he was really thinking about it, wondering if stuff was going to come out of the pacifier. He slowly sucked on the pacifier to test it out and then started going to town on that thing. That little kid's a real thinker.

Henry's first bottle on 1/4/09.

Henry Thomas Hale

August, AKA Pipes, is ready to start taking a bottle as well. His MD is going to get him started on one soon. August was born with brain bleeds and has hydrocephalus as a result. He is going to have to make a trip to Children's Hospital, hopefully this week, to have a shunt put in. So the MD plans to start him on the bottle after he gets back from Childrens. August spent three nights at Children's Hospital the week of Thanksgiving to have a reservoir put in prior to the shunt. The reservoir allows the MD at Baylor to drain the cerebral fluid daily. The shunt will take the place of the reservoir and will allow the cerebral fluid to drain to his stomach. A baby has to be over 4 pounds to have a shunt put in and August is now well over 4 pounds. Don't worry too much about this little guy. He's as strong as a bull and very well may be the first Hale Baby coming home.

Luke, AKA Bones, is getting there. He has ended up having the worst lungs of the boys. We're looking forward to him getting on the canula very soon. Luke hates the sipap and I mean hates it. I can't blame him one bit for it either. We wonder if part of his hard time gaining weight is due to all the calories he burns trying to get out of the sipap. He has to wear this terrible head gear that looks like an elephant with the long tube coming out of it. The head gear attaches a mask or prongs that go into his nostrils. I know it's uncomfortable and am so ready for this little guy to be ready for the canula. I am also ready for him to catch up on his weight. We are barely starting to hear Luke's cry these days. When his voice comes in fully it's going to be on!!!


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