Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Monkeying Around

Pops, Henry and Luke

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Lake Highlands Oktoberfest

Luke LOVED the petting zoo at Oktoberfest. He took off running towards the animals. He went up to a sheep and pointed at it's nose and said, "nose."

August is in yellow, Luke's in blue and Henry is in red. Henry chose his clothes, again.

Mark, August, Luke, Henry, and Ashley

August, Henry and Luke
Ashley and Henry
Dad and August

Luke so wanted to dance.


Dad's Home!

August was definitely the most excited to see Dad.


Most Patient Boys In The World

We had a dead battery after a quick outing to the store. Luckily, Da came to our rescue. While we waited the boys looked a book, played with their shoes and just smiled a lot. Man, we have the coolest boys ever.


Just Plain Pitiful

Luke's hair has been really slow to come in. I offered him an alternative look, but he didn't seem to appreciate it.


Getting to be outside, finally!





Auntie M Introduces Luke to Vienna Sausages

Luke's response, "You have got to be kidding me."


August Loves TP






Luke's thinking about it.

Henry lining them up.


Don't Go

Mark and the boys on the day he left for Paris, for two long weeks.



My cousin, Morgan Lea, spotted a Cheerios next to the sink at Gloria's Restaurant. It was apparent, Luke had been at Glorias.


Scarf Boy


Some Help


More Laundry


Corn in a Plastic Heart

Monday, October 3, 2011


Eye Surgery

August had eye surgery in September to work on the muscles in his eyes. The day of and the few days following his surgery he looked like someone who had had some kind of plastic surgery. August is a champ and is able to look at us better, make better eye contact and overall see much better.


Big Shoes

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