Monday, May 26, 2014


Pure Happiness

Ever get that feeling of pure happiness? Pure joy? Even your dreams are happy? I didn't realize that I don't feel this way all the time until this last week. I mean I know I'm not happy all the time, but I don't know that I've ever felt more happy, more content, more love towards someone else until this last week. Why you may ask? August. Simply August. August is saying words. He's repeating our words. I've wanted to make a list of the words he's said, but there are too many. For those of you who know August, you know that these words are HUGE. August started using a communication device a couple of months ago. I am thrilled about him using a communication device as his way to communicate with me as it is so wonderful for him to be able to communicate-period. Three weeks ago August would make a "guh" sound when asked to say the word go. He is now saying G-O, GO! Two letters, one huge word. He's even saying "Luke." Henry asked when August would say his name and I told him soon, very soon. This is joy. This is happiness like I've never felt. Geez , even my dreams are happy. That's something. 

 I think this picture shows August in a pretty happy place. Btw, that yogurt never would have made it.


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