Thursday, January 2, 2014



At a little kids gym in our neighborhood, I had an odd conversation or really interview by an eight year old girl.

I was sitting near August and this little girl sat near me on her sit and spin. Her first question, "Why is he crawling?" My response, "his little legs and core aren't strong enough for him to walk yet." Her second question, "Can he walk on his knees." Me, "yes."

Third question, "Does he talk?"
Me, "No."

Fourth question, "How do you know what he wants?"
Me, "He points, gestures, goes and gets what he wants and has started using a little communication book."

Fifth question or statement, "That must make you sad?"
Me, "yes."

Sixth question, "Will he be the kind of kid who carries a Woody doll when he's ten?"
Me, "I don't really know. He's playing with toys similar to his brothers and I have no idea what he'll be into when he's ten."

I'm slowly figuring out that this little girl is trying to understand what's going on with August cognitively and doesn't really know how to ask this.

Seventh question, "What does he do all day, just sit there?"
Me, "No, he does really similar things to what his brothers do, he plays, watches, TV, eats, sleeps, pretty normal stuff."

Eighth question, "Will people make fun of him?
Me, "I hope not, but probably."

Henry then comes up to me and asks me something.

Ninth question-"Why's his voice sound like that?" Referring to Henry.
Me, "One of his vocal chords doesn't work and that's just his voice?"

Tenth question, "Will he always sound like that?"
Me, "probably."

The eight year old then sees Luke and asks, "is anything wrong with him?"
Me, "not that I know of."

The eight year old then says, "So, you have one perfect son."
Me, "I guess you could look at it that way. I think they're all pretty cool little guys."

This conversation has been on my mind ever since it happened. I told Mark, I don't really know what to do with it, but it's upsetting to me thinking about it. Not sure why it's so bothersome as they are such innocent little questions.

A few minutes later and I am feeling better and wondering, "where the hell is this eight year olds Mom as I have a ton of questions for her......"

Great post
I really wasn't mad at this little girl. At the time, it just made me feel a little sad. I was impressed she asked such smart questions. She was super polite and very interested.

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