Friday, July 20, 2012



I've heard some pretty cute things coming out of these boys' mouths of late. Here are just a few!

Luke, "I'm making pancakes, Dad."
Luke, "I love goldfish, Perrin."
Luke, "I love you, Mom."
Luke, "Maybe, not Grandmommy's car, that's Dad's rental car." Luke's starting a lot of statements with maybe these days. 

Henry, "Want something." I have asked Henry countless times, do you need something, do you want something? He finally responded that he in fact not only needed something, but wanted it too. Henry starts mosts sentences with his own name. For instance, "Henry needs small dogs." We're trying to get Henry to use some pronouns, but he's pretty insistent on speaking in the third person right now. It's Henry this and Henry that all the time. Henry is really into his little gray and white dog, not the brown and white dog (we left the third dog of the pair at the grocery store). I hope this little gray dog never goes missing as it will break Henry's heart.

August has been saying, "Mama." When August needs or wants something he now says, "Mama." This is like music to our ears hearing this guy say this. He's signing the word more too. We also finally retired the bottles on July 4th. When I told August that the bottles were going away and he would be using a sippy cup from now on he immediately put his hands to his eyes and his bottom lip came out. It was a very sad face. August really held strong on not taking a sippy cup and had lost two pounds when we went to the MD last week. His speech therapist brought him a special cup with a straw that he used initially, but then went back to being August (a little stubborn) and would not use. A light finally clicked and it dawned on me to buy chocolate milk and put in the new cup with straw. This worked like a charm and he's now drinking out of a regular straw cup. Hallelujah!


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