Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Colorado 2012

At the last minute, the boys and I loaded up and headed to Colorado to see The Elmores. Mark was out of town for work and met us in Denver to make the drive back home. GrandMommy and Da had planned a visit to CO and we thought it would be fun for us all to be together. It was a great trip. The boys had so much fun being with George and Sam. I learned some interesting new facts about the Hale boys on this trip include the following.

August really loves toilet paper. I knew this before the trip, but the long drive verified it again. When we would stop during the drive, there would always be mounds of toilet paper on the floor board in front of August's seat. 
Luke says, "Not do that" instead of don't do that. August can really push Luke's buttons and on such a long drive we heard, "not do that" a lot. 

I had never realized how badly Henry's feet stink after a long day of playing. Henry was sitting behind me on our trip back and all of a sudden a horrific smell came out of nowhere. I asked Mark, "did someone throw up?" The answer was no, Henry had just taken his shoes off and they were directly behind me. It reminded me of Rusty putting his feet up on Sparky's headrest in the first Vacation movie. 

The boys loved the Elmore's train table. August loved George getting him. Each morning the boys woke up smiling, laughing, asking when George and Sam would be down, asking to play with the train table or Buddy from Dinosaur Train. Maybe it was the mountain air that made the boys so happy and easy. I think being around their cousins, Aunt Adrienne, Uncle Will, GrandMommy and Da helped too!


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