Sunday, August 14, 2011


Wichita Falls

Henry and Luke tubing.Henry ponders, "Will it ever rain?"

Who broke the bed? That would be Luke.

August, Henry and Luke. Henry is quite partial to this cars pajama shirt. He's started pulling it out of his clean pajama basket and carrying it like a blanket. Other times, he'll bring it to me to put it on him. He's quite the fashionista.

August is a real Ladies Man. August really loves his girlfriends the Canute girls. By the looks of this picture they seemed to be quite taken with him as well.

Triplet boys, triplet girls and a sweet little Daniel. Thanks Jennifer for letting us come over again. We had a great time.

Baby Wrastlin'
The boys meet their cousin, Caden, for the first time.

Luke and Aunt Leslie.

Per Henry, "GrandMommy said it was ok to get up here."


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