Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Big Strides

Everyone's making such big strides these days. August's OT asked how he would do pushing a push toy and I told her he couldn't do it. I was so wrong! He tried it today and just did it. August is still saying a lot of "mmmm's." We'll hear some 'aaahhs" and what we call "growling" pretty regularly now too. When I feed August I say, "August, bite." It sounds super annoying, I know. The other day he was kind of looking off into space while I was trying to get him to eat. He then turns to me and says, "bite." I couldn't believe it as he has never said anything like that before. August still loves to wrestle with Luke and Henry and really loves his brothers to "get him". He's still eating baby foods, but I've been adding oatmeal to his food to give it a little more texture. He's not putting food in his mouth, but he will in time. August has been out more lately and he's done really well being in new surroundings. He's got another eye surgery this Friday to work on his muscles (Saturday update: it went great and he is doing well). He's an amazing little guy.

Luke is awesome. Luke's walking pretty fast these days. He's enjoying walking backwards and also spinning in circles. He also broke out some fairly incredible dance moves the other day. Luke's got a language all of his own. He'll surprise us by saying random words. He came up behind me recently and said, "What are you doing?" I turned around and said, "Nothing, what are you doing?" It was so funny because it was so out of the blue and seemed just as natural as can be to ask me this. Luke has been enjoying walking down the block on the sidewalk and is already mature enough to not feel it is necessary to hold his Mom's hand. Luke is still really into throwing things. He now throws toys, food, whatever and says. "No, no, no" all while shaking his hand and pointing his finger.

Henry is so sweet. Henry is so happy and fun to be around. He's walking pretty fast, but can't outpace Luke, yet. He's saying a lot of words and is really into cars. Henry's still fascinated with his cars pajamas and is counting down the days until it's cool enough to wear his cars pajama pants. Henry is eating like a champ and is still the smallest guy. I can't believe he's only three pounds lighter than August and Luke (he's about 22 1/2 pounds now). He's a lean, fighting machine and is probably stronger than August and Luke. I think he does sit ups at night in his bed. Henry and August still love to converse at night when they're supposed to be asleep. They've finally let Luke in on the action and we often hear lots of laughing from their room.

I sure love these three little guys.


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