Thursday, October 29, 2009


Stats and update

Ashley and I were able to touch our kids for the first time EVER this evening. Truly an awesome experience!

Many have asked for the boy's stats...

11:47 AM
2 lbs 2 oz
13 1/2 inches

11:47 AM
2 lbs 0 oz
13 1/2 inches

11:49 AM
1 lb 11 oz
13 1/4 inches

Don't be worried about Henry, he has the best lungs of all and is doing great.

Many have also asked about visiting the kiddos but the NICU has a strict no visitors policy. Only Ashley and I are allowed to visit them due to it being cold and flu season.

You can come on down to see Ashley until Saturday or Sunday.

Thanks for all the well wishes,
Mark and Ashley (and August, Luke and Henry)

Outstanding! You have a fine crew there Mark, we are so excited for you guys! Send your beautiful wife and family our love.

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