Wednesday, October 28, 2009


August William

formerly known as Baby A


I am Jill's(Lee) friend. My husband and I live in Saint Jo now (funny that Jill and I ended up in the same town), but I grew up in Olney. I am the one that Jimmy was telling you about . . I had my daughter @ 26 weeks gestation. She was a complete suprise to my husband and I, but our sweet miracle girl! Please know that we are praying for your family and your three, precious, little boys! If you need to talk, cry, vent frustrations, know that we are here! We have been through the preemie "roller-coaster ride" and know the situation very well! We know that y'all will make lots of friends that will be friends for life! Jill has our phone
number(s) if you need them. My email address is We also have a family blog . . . Please know your boys will be showered in prayers!

Cynthia Newton

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